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Whiskey Obsession Tickets Go on Sale Friday

One new highlight: a brunch tasting event that celebrates prominent whiskey-making women.

By Cooper Levey-Baker November 27, 2017

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One of the tasting events at the 2017 Whiskey Obsession festival

Image: Turner Moore

Dig whiskey? Then you might already know the good news: Whiskey Obsession, the largest world whiskey festival in the United States, will return to Sarasota next spring. The festival spans four days, April 11-14, with a series of events both familiar (tasting panels, a block party, a grand tasting fiesta and more) and new (a brunch tasting event that celebrates prominent whiskey-making women). Tickets go on sale Friday.

I've attended the last two Whiskey Obsession festivals and enjoyed the hell out of both. The tasting panels, in particular, were highlights—a chance to hear high-level experts discuss and debate the craft of making whiskey and explaining what makes the different pours so special. Whatever your level of whiskey expertise (mine is minimal), you'll find something to enjoy. See you there.

Watch a video recap of the 2017 festival here:

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