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The French Fry Hall of Fame

Almost any fry is a good fry. But these are all-time greats.

By Megan McDonald June 27, 2017 Published in the July 2017 issue of Sarasota Magazine

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A fried potato is basically a perfect food.

Steak Fries at Alpine Steakhouse

You’d expect great steak fries at a steakhouse, and Alpine’s wrist-thick steak fries deliver on all counts: salty, with a crispy shell that shatters when you bite into it and a creamy interior.

Idaho Fries at Five Guys

Five Guys buys 5 percent of Idaho’s potato crop each year, filling in with Washington fries in Idaho off months. They hand cut and power-wash them to remove starch before frying, then pile them into a grease-stained brown paper bag that makes them taste even better.

Truffle Fries at Libby’s Café + Bar

It’s hard to elevate a French fry (it’s basically perfect already), but Libby’s does just that with its truffle fries. The matchstick potatoes are tossed with earthy, delicious truffle oil, then dusted with Parmesan and herbs. We wouldn’t dream of sharing.

Crinkle Fries at S’macks

The classic crinkle fry sparks memories of hanging out with your high school friends at an old-fashioned drive-in burger joint on summer nights. S’macks’ are crispy on the outside, with just enough give as you take a bite. The ridges are ideal for scooping up S’macks sauce, a tangy ketchup/mayonnaise blend.

French Fries with Malt Aioli at Veronica Fish & Oyster

The creamy, tangy malt aioli that’s served alongside the thick-cut fries at Veronica would make converts out of the most passionate ketchup purists. The fries are great on their own, hand-cut and sprinkled with salt, but the malt-laced dipping sauce adds a touch of genius.

Urban Fries at BurgerFi

BurgerFi hand-cuts Idaho potatoes, blanches them and then double-fries them in peanut oil to make them crisp outside and tender within. There’s a number of gussied-up variations; the absolute ultimate is the urban fries, which are sprinkled with  Parmesan and herbs and topped with an ultra-rich mayonnaise and garlicky aioli.

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