Food Lovers' Guide

Stock Your Kitchen with These Locally Grown and Made Products

Our region boasts milk, honey, bottarga, jellies and more.

By Cooper Levey-Baker October 27, 2016 Published in the November 2016 issue of Sarasota Magazine

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Fruit wine from Bunker Hill Vineyard and Winery

Manatee’s Larry and Lenora Woodham make sweet, unfiltered wines from grapes and other fruit—even dandelion flowers. The results are a throwback to a wild and boozy American tradition. (941) 776-0418,

Salt from Sea Salt Florida

Tim Norwood harvests and filters seawater from five local spots—each yields a different flavor—to create ultra-crunchy crystals, some of them smoked and blended with other ingredients. (941) 780-5514,

Goat cheese from Yolkers Wilde Hatchery and Dairy Goats

This Sarasota-based raw milk and cheese producer sets up at farmers markets and community events. Although marked as intended for pets, because they’re unpasteurized, their products are pungent additions to human meals. (941) 322-1014

Pickles and Jams from Sunshine Canning

Bradenton’s Lisa Fulk often partners with local farms for ingredients. We love the blueberry bramble jam and the beer pickles made from Darwin Brewing Co. beer. (941) 376-0912,

Yogurt from Jackalope Meadows

Deborah D’Alonzo Lynch operates Manatee’s 15-acre Jackalope Meadows. She makes yogurt from Dakin Dairy milk, harvests her own honey and blends the two into spreadable creations. You’ll lick the knife.

Bottarga from the Anna Maria Fish Company

Made from cured, dried Cortez-caught mullet eggs, bottarga brings oceanic funk to any pasta. We like to grate some over a simple blend of spaghetti, garlic, olive oil and hot chilies. (941) 366-7778,

Honey from My Sweetest Honey

Sarasota’s Shaun Knepp bottles raw, unfiltered honey straight from the hives and sells it at local shops and farmers markets.
Its unfussed-with flavor adds floral notes to breads, pastries and more. (941) 809 2322,

Milk from Dakin Dairy Farms

With 1,200 acres and 5,000 cows in Myakka City, Dakin Dairy Farms supplies ultra-rich milk to Whole Foods Markets, restaurants and other outlets around the state. (941) 322-2802,

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