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Cocktail of the Week: Epicure's Corinthian Leather

Cafe Epicure serves up a sophisticated sipper for bourbon lovers.

By Hannah Wallace June 8, 2016

Corinthian leather bourbon epicure nbc7cd

This week: The Corinthian Leather at Cafe Epicure's martini bar

The drink: Bourbon, Aperol bitter orange liqueur, walnut liqueur, orange zest, bitters. Not something you'd expect to say about a cocktail, but you can really taste the walnut. And that nutty flavor plays counterpoint to the citrus while also fitting right in with the bitters, making it a sort of buttery, next-level Old Fashioned. Plus, it's always fun to order a cocktail that comes with a single giant ice cube (which melts slower so as not to water down the drink).

The bar: What's become an iconic spot in Sarasota, the colorfully lit rows of liquors sit opposite big windows that let you watch the action (both pedestrians and fancy cars) at the busy corner of Palm Avenue and Main Street.

Food factor: Order an authentic Italian pizza and watch it take its turn in the wood-fire oven at the corner of the bar.

Other notable potables: Epicure has earned its mixology credentials with a menu of upscale, uber-creative cocktails using a variety of liqueurs, infused spirits, bitters, Prosecco and more, resulting in an impressively diverse array—everything from the “Curious George” (cachaça, banana liquor, fresh orange and lime juices) to the “Pepper Palmer” (chili vodka, lemonade, iced tea ice cubes and basil).

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