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Cocktail of the Week: Rev-el-ry's Blood & Sand

This week: Whiskey and sweetness at Rev-el-ry Pub and Grill on University Parkway.

By Hannah Wallace May 10, 2016

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This week: Blood & Sand at Rev-el-ry Pub and Grill on University Parkway.

The drink: Irish whiskey, sweet vermouth, black cherry juice and orange juice. I'm not always a fan of whiskey-and-juice combos, but somehow this works out well. The sweet/tart black cherry is especially nice, and the whiskey is still front-and-center.

The bar: Obviously a neighborhood fave, with its own entrance if you don't care to go through the main restaurant door. Long bar, couple of TVs and a few booths. The kind of place locals go to for a few pints on their way home. (Good beer selection, too.)

Food: The "grill" part of "pub and grill" manages an extensive menu spanning burgers, sandwiches, pizzas and then a full slate of entrees.

Other notable potables: Original cocktail creations on the specialty drink menu lean toward the sweeter side, with a couple of chocolate-based selections, a "Salted Karamel Apple" vodka drink and a "Honey Pot" with JD Honey as well as Bacardi rum. A good way to satisfy your sweet tooth before switching to beer.

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