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Sip of the Week: William Wolf Pecan Bourbon

A new discovery at Sarasota's Whiskey Obsession.

By Hannah Wallace April 5, 2016

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This week: William Wolf Pecan Bourbon

Well, Sarasota's Whiskey Obsession Festival has come and gone, and I consider this year's experience to be a particular success. For one thing, I got to sample two different labels that were featured in episodes of The West Wing: Lagavulin 16-year-old, which Toby sips (after mispronouncing "Islay," it should be noted) with Sir John Marbury, as played by the late Roger Rees, in "Dead Irish Writers"; and Johnnie Walker Blue, for which Leo falls off the wagon in "Bartlet for America." (The latter Scotch, by the way, was insanely smooth--and I'm not a Scotch drinker.)

But more important, I discovered William Wolf pecan bourbon. I generally detest flavored whiskeys, which take a spirit I enjoy on its own and add cloying, artificial disgustingness. But William Wolf is a delightful exception: First and foremost, the pecan flavor is so pronounced and authentic I felt like I was taking nuts off the tree in my grandmother's Alabama back yard. And yes, there's a sweetness, too--which comes from maple syrup--but its subtlety is such that the pecan very much takes center stage. It's lovely, and it's readily available locally. It makes for a great treat for dedicated bourbon drinkers, and I also suspect it'd be a handy tool in converting bourbon newbies, while steering them away from the latest candy-flavored abomination.

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