Hot Dish: Artisan Cheese Company's Mac 'n' Cheese

This month: Artisan Cheese Company's "5 mac 'n' cheese."

By Judi Gallagher May 1, 2013

Hotdish artisancheeseco jydv7l

They call it "5 cheese mac 'n' cheese," but Artisan Cheese Company's version seems like it could be called 20-cheese. That means it is as rich and decadent as it should be, and the crunchy topping sends their version to another level of gourmet comfort. When someone takes the time to hand-make breadcrumbs out of fresh baguettes from C'est La Vie, then adds pure butter and more secret ingredients, that is one hot dish. Tip: Ask for a swirl of the Blackberry Farm smoked onion jam on top.

Artisan Cheese Company 1310 Main St., (941) 951-7860

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