Financial Intelligence: Short On Cash

If you're making a profit but running out of money, here's how to fix it.

08/29/2014 By Lori Johnston


Education Report: Senior Ed Rocks

Student enrollment and economic impact expand at the Lifelong Learning Academy.

08/29/2014 By Molly McCartney


What I've Learned: Walter Aspatore

Walter Aspatore discusses what he's learned after a lifetime in business.

08/29/2014 By Kim Hackett


Measure Your Value

Steve Rothschild brings a business approach to doing good.

08/29/2014 By Hannah Wallace


Service Rules

What supermarket giant Publix can teach the little guys.

08/29/2014 By Rich Rescigno


Boom Redux

Biz(941) reviews some of the high-end construction projects underway in Sarasota-Manatee.

08/29/2014 By David Ball


Biz Bites: The Savory Street

Inspired sandwiches and fresh-baked bread at the Savory Street International Café and Bakery in Sarasota.

08/29/2014 By Hannah Wallace Photography by Chad Spencer


Five Questions: Nelleke van Lindonk

Biz(941) asks Nelleke van Lindonk five questions about PINC, a one-day conference on innovation.

08/29/2014 By Susan Burrns


How's Biz?

Three Sarasota-Manatee business owners update Biz(941) on how business has been.

08/28/2014 By Ilene Denton Photography by Matt Holler


Biz Rules: Workplace Bullying

Biz(941) looks at workplace bullying: what it is, who it affects and what you can do as a victim.

08/28/2014 By Chelsey Lucas


From the Editor: Bright Lights, Big Business

Biz(941) editor Susan Burns previews the September/October issue.

08/28/2014 Photography by Lori Sax By Susan Burns


Innovator: Erika Pope-Gusev

Biz(941) learns about Erika Pope-Gusev's Fort Magic, which appeared on an episode of Shark Tank and has won multiple awards.

08/28/2014 By Chelsey Lucas Photography by Alex Stafford


Off the Clock: Dog's Best Friend

Realtor Andrew Bers makes contributions and donates time to Southeastern Guide Dogs in Sarasota.

08/28/2014 By Ilene Denton


Biz(941) and La Guia's 2015 Unity Awards

Nominate your champions of diversity for Biz941 and La Guia magazines' 2015 Unity Awards.

08/25/2014 By Megan McDonald