When we first began publishing what we then called the Charity Register, a decade and a half ago, about 150 nonprofits made up our list of organizations doing good here. Now, that list has quadrupled to nearly 600 groups dedicated to helping people, pets, the environment and other worthy causes—a rich testament to the heart of this philanthropic community. This register has been assembled with assistance from the Giving Partner, an online tool hosted by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County. On our pages, we’re able to provide just some of the relevant information about our multitude of nonprofits and their work. But at thegivingpartner.org, you can dig deeper into profiles to help you consider which causes you want to support. And on Sept. 20-21, noon to noon, you can participate in the annual Giving Challenge at givingpartnerchallenge.org, offering great opportunities to maximize your donations to local organizations. As we begin another season of parties, luncheons and other fund raisers supporting nonprofits, we hope you’ll find this a valuable resource for making everyone’s efforts count.

In This Feature:

The 2016-2017 Guide to Giving

544 ways to volunteer, give back and love our city.


Meet our 2016 Volunteers of the Year

Young brothers who make reading fun. A 98-year-old Compeer volunteer. A woman who ensures no cat is left uncuddled. Our Volunteers of the Year have a whole lot of heart.

09/07/2016 By Hannah Wallace and Ilene Denton