Sarasota's Best Doughnuts

Our panel of judges put their blood sugar levels on the line to find Sarasota's best doughnuts.

By Katy Bryan-Beachler October 2, 2014

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Photo by Chad Spencer

It might not win diet points, but we do love to start off our mornings with a sweet and doughy treat. We asked our 11,000-plus Facebook fans to nominate their favorite local doughnut shops and let our judges—contributing editor Cooper Levey-Baker, associate editor Hannah Wallace, editorial intern Katy Bryan-Beachler and web editor Megan McDonald—put their blood sugar levels on the line to determine Sarasota’s best doughnuts.

Best Overall: Goldstar Donut Shop

With a flavor that took us straight back to beloved childhood treats, Goldstar’s classic raised glazed doughnut took top prize thanks to its balanced texture, slightly deep-fried taste and smooth glaze.

Best Dough: Der Dutchman Restaurant and Bakery

Everybody exclaimed over Der Dutchman’s thick-yet-airy dough. The flavorful doughnut, which has just a hint of spice, makes a perfect foundation for any glaze or topping.

Best  Specialty Flavor: Yummies Donuts & BBQ’s Glazed Florida Orange Blossom

This ultra-local flavor puts a tasty twist on Florida citrus. Its tangy orange blossom glaze is the perfect adornment to an already delicious delicacy.

Best Toppings: Anna Maria Donuts

With a topping bar including 14 different choices that range from Fruity Pebbles to bacon, the possibilities for a delicious doughnut encounter are endless. It doesn’t hurt that Anna Maria Donuts’ cake doughnut base is delicious, either.

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