Florida Woman Happily Reads Daily News Story About Winter Storms Up North, 1940

Our smug enjoyment of good weather while the North freezes goes back decades.

By Bethany Ritz December 19, 2022

Photographer Joseph Janney Steinmetz's work has been referred to as "an American social history."

The style has changed, along with photographic technology, but the Adirondack chair, St. Augustine grass and the smug glee that we feel when we don't have to face winter ice storms remains. 

In this photo by Joseph Janney Steinmetz, an unidentified Sarasota woman sits, smiling, while reading the March 5, 1940, edition of the Daily News with a cover story about the Northern ice storm she's presumably missing as she basks in the warmth of the Florida sun.

Year-round locals may ignore any weather reports outside our area. Snowbirds or weekend trippers, who've had to shovel snow on frigid mornings, know this smile best.

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