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The Ultimate Sarasota Bucket List

How Sarasota are you? Take our quiz to find out.

Sarasota is changing. Thousands of new residents have flooded into the area in recent years, construction cranes are whirling around the downtown skyline and new or revamped tourist attractions, arts facilities and restaurants and bars are popping out of the ground at a record pace. It can all feel a bit dizzying, but, amid the upheaval, it’s important to remember that some things never change. You can still feed the flamingoes at Sarasota Jungle Gardens, cruise the mangrove tunnels off Lido Key or catch a spring training game. Plus, every time you do, you get to claim bragging rights about how well you know Sarasota.

That’s why we put together what we’re calling The Ultimate Sarasota Bucket List—a list of 100 activities we think every resident or tourist should do to claim the title of Sarasota expert. (Damage from Hurricane Ian has affected some of the activities on our list, but we think they remain must-do items. We hope, by the time you're reading this, that things have returned to normal.)

Here's Your Scoring Matrix

0-10 New arrival | 11-20 Day tripper | 21-30 Overnight tourist | 31-40 Timeshare owner | 41-50 College student | 51-60 Snowbird | 61-70 Moved here as a kid | 71-80 Sarasota native | 81-90 Bertha Palmer | 91-100 John Ringling

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