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What to Expect From Season Four of MTV's 'Siesta Key'

The reality show returns at 8 p.m. this Wednesday, May 12.

By Allison Forsyth May 10, 2021

The current cast of Siesta Key. Kelsey Owens (second from right) recently spoke with Sarasota Magazine about what to expect in season four of the MTV hit.

Sarasota's weather is heating up, just in time for MTV's reality show Siesta Key, which returns for its fourth season at 8 p.m. this Wednesday, May 12. The season will feature the return of main characters Juliette, Kelsey, Chloe and more, and will follow them through major life changes like raising a kid, purchasing a new home and starting a new career, plus plenty of relationship and family drama. This season is all about growing up, and keeping the show going despite a global pandemic.

"We were always getting tested and would have limited cast parties and scenes all together," says Kelsey Owens, one of the show's stars. "We usually film in our homes anyway, so that was helpful."

Owens sat for an interview with Sarasota Magazine, to talk about the new changes happening in her life, which will be highlighted this season. In the first episode, Owens discusses her new home; her new man, Max; and her new swimwear line, which is expected to launch on Wednesday, May 19.

"I had a photoshoot with fans of the show for the swimwear line," says Owens. "They are my support system and I really wanted to promote the everyday girl. It was an honor interacting with fans."

Expect to see some friendship drama between Owens and fellow cast member Juliette Porter. In the first episode, Owens claims that Porter is only dating her new billionaire boyfriend, Sam, for his money. The girls are also in a race to finish their respective swim lines, fighting to see who will launch first. Will they ever become besties again?

Meanwhile, cast member Chloe find herself on a spiritual journey, as she parts from her dramatic and gossiping ways and enters a new phase with her company, Concept by Chloe. Amanda, meanwhile, has finished film school and is putting her talents to the test, and Madisson is going strong with her fiancé Ish, a former producer on the show, and begins planning a wedding. Garrett has a new girlfriend, and, as for Brandon, you'll have to tune in to see the shock of the season.

"During the season, we all went away to an island for a month because of quarantine and we spent every day together," says Owens. "We were forced to face one another and face our issues. So that should make for some entertaining TV."

While Owens and most of the cast have not yet seen the new season, Owens alludes to the fact that much of the drama unfolding onscreen takes place to some degree in real life. Even when not filming, many of the cast members live in the Sarasota area year-round, and find that fame has made local life interesting.

"People will stop for photos with me or just recognize me out in public," says Owens. "I have also gotten a lot more interaction on social media, negative and positive, but I am always trying to connect with fans and thank them for their support."

Fans also question what happened to former star Alex Kompothecras, the son of Gary Kompothecras, an executive producer on the show. According to MTV, the star was cut from the program last year after allegedly making racist posts on social media. When asked about the difficulties of filming the new season without Kompothecras, Owens did not comment.

Owens claims this season is different than past ones because the audience will watch the cast grow through new stages of life as they put down roots and deal with the chaos that comes with it.

"It's good to see us all mature," she says. "But don't worry. There is still lots of drama."

Season four of Siesta Key will premiere on MTV at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, May 12, and continue at 8 p.m. every Wednesday after.

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