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Siesta Key Star Fired for Alleged Racist Social Media Posts

Alex Kompothecras "will not be in future seasons of Siesta Key," according to an MTV spokesperson.

By Cooper Levey-Baker June 17, 2020

Alex Kompothecras

Alex Kompothecras, the main star of the MTV “summer soap docuseries” Siesta Key, has been fired from the show for allegedly making racist comments on social media. MTV announced the move last night—the same night the show resumed its third season.

Kompothecras has been at the center of the show since its creation. His father, Gary Kompothecras, well known for his 1-800-ASK-GARY hotline, financed the production of a teaser for the show that was eventually sold to MTV. The show debuted in July 2017, and a second season began airing in January 2019.

Season three started this January. According to MTV, the network is editing the season's remaining episodes to "minimize" Kompothecras' presence. "He will not be in future seasons of Siesta Key," says an MTV spokesperson.

The show has been a lightning rod for criticism from locals ever since it was announced. People criticized Kompothecras for his friendship with young men who filmed themselves dragging a shark behind their boat until it died, and a party to celebrate the debut of the show in 2017 had to be canceled because of threats made toward the show's cast members.

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