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What I Wear to Work: Suncoast View's Joey Panek

The senior producer of the ABC7’s Suncoast View dishes on his hipster, Clark Kent-meets-Marty McFly style.

By Alicia King Robinson March 3, 2017

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A New York native, Joey was a professional stage actor for 14 years. The senior producer of the ABC7’s Suncoast View dishes on his hipster, Clark Kent-meets-Marty McFly style and short-and-sweet style mantra. 

WHO: Joey Panek, age 39, senior producer of the Suncoast View, WWSB ABC7  

WHAT I DO: I oversee all aspects of daily production for the Suncoast View, from creating segment ideas and booking guests to directing production on the floor of the studio. I spend most of my days running around the building, waving my arms frantically. 

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FAVORITE ASPECT ABOUT YOUR JOB: Because of the wide range of topics we cover, I am capable of approximately five minutes of conversation on just about every topic. I'm like a walking Readers' Digest.  

BEST GUEST ON THE SUNCOAST VIEW: We've been very lucky to have so many great experiences with our guests. I love when we book out-of-town performing artists while they're here on the Suncoast. I also love when we highlight local residents doing unusual things.

MY STYLE: I would say that I gravitate toward form-fitted, trendy clothing with a hipster vibe. It’s Clark Kent meets Marty McFly. 

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HOW HAS YOUR STYLE EVOLVED? I was a recurring guest on the Suncoast View for its first year and half, and I was lucky to be styled by some awesome people. I always wore trendy, bold jacket and shirt combos. Now that I'm producing, my look has to be more functional. I never know when I have to crawl on the stage floor or shuffle around show furniture. However, I try to look "show ready" in case I have to suddenly hop into the host seat.  

FAVORITE DESIGNERS: Steve Madden, 7Diamonds, Jared Lang and Ben Sherman. Lately, I've gotten into Robert Graham, and I love me lululemon athletica dress shirts. 

WHOSE STYLE INSPIRES YOU? I'm 5'8" so I always have an eye out for short-guy style. Robert Downey Jr. has always impressed me on the red carpet. Justin Timberlake has always inspired me. He's the modern Renaissance man. He can do everything, but he doesn't take himself seriously. I love that. 

STYLE TIP FOR MEN: Find a tailor and use them. Also, wear good underwear and socks. You just never know. 

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STYLE MANTRA: Dress for the day you'd like to have. 

MY GO-TO ITEMS: I have a pair of Steve Madden boots that I really dig. The heel gives me a little height help. And I love wooden watches. I have a few.  

MOST-PRIZED POSSESSION: I have a pair of drop-crotch lululemon shorts that are so ridiculously comfortable. If I'm not wearing them at home, they're in the wash.  

GREATEST EXTRAVAGANCE? I have two answers for this one. On top, I have a 7Diamonds leather jacket with attached hoodie that I want to be buried in. For the bottom, I have a pair of black jeans by Robert Graham...and I'm not normally a black jeans guy. They have some stretch, and they hug well. The jeans also have some shimmer, which adds dimension, and they have a satin stripe down the leg. When I first saw them, I knew I'd found love. 

FOR A NIGHT OUT ON THE TOWN: A button-down shirt or v-neck tee, tight jeans and boots or wing-tipped shoes. 

FAVORITE SARASOTA RESTAURANT? I love so many restaurants for so many reasons. I really dig The Table Creekside, and anywhere with a solid martini. That's my jam. 

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Joey is wearing Uniqlo jeans, button-down shirt by Ben Sherman, Steve Madden boots, Wewood watch, Korean Cedar beaded bracelet by Elysian Fields, an Italian white gold ring, a black gold Damiani ring and a headset courtesy of ABC7.

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