On the Hook

Freedom is Sweet for the Liveaboards Off Bradenton Beach

Living's not easy, though.

03/31/2017 By Isaac Eger

Incredible Journey

A Local Sailor Crosses the Atlantic With His 14-Year-Old Grandson

Joe Barnette and his grandson, Robbie, sailed from the Bird Key Yacht Club to England.

03/31/2017 By Ilene Denton

Great Boating Adventures

Your Guide to Boating in Sarasota

How to enjoy our beautiful waterways.

03/31/2017 By Tom Bayles

From the Editor

Behind the Scenes of Our Boating Issue

Pam Daniel takes the boating plunge.

03/29/2017 By Pam Daniel

Fabulous Flying Ford

Video: Flying in a 1929 Ford Tri-Motor Plane

The Experimental Aircraft Association brings the historic plane to Sarasota Bradenton International Airport.

02/03/2017 By Hannah Wallace

Authentic Florida

10 Awesome Things to Do in Sarasota This Summer

Sarasota offers plenty of outdoor family fun.

06/24/2016 By Robin Draper

Family Fun Guide

Ask a Kid: Why Do You Love Sarasota?

Young experts answer: "What's so cool about this place?"

05/10/2016 By Cooper Levey-Baker Photography by Everett Dennison

Family Fun Guide

Eight Great Sarasota Playgrounds

Looking for a great local playground for the little ones? We've got you covered.

05/10/2016 By Cooper Levey-Baker


The Golden Season: A Stay-at-Home Dad on Summer With His Kids

Tony D'Souza on what he loves best about summer.

05/02/2016 By Tony D'Souza

Hop to It

6 Local Family-Friendly Easter Activities

Here's where to hunt eggs, eat brunch, and see the Easter Bunny in our area.

03/24/2016 By Jenna Greenfield


A Temporary Ending

Beau Denton makes a big decision about the rest of his Appalachian Trail hike.

06/17/2014 By Beau Denton


Milestones on the Appalachian Trail

Beau Denton hits 1,000 miles hiked on the Appalachian Trail, plus other milestones.

06/17/2014 By Beau Denton


FAQ About Hiking the Appalachian Trail

On break from his hike, Beau Denton takes time to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions about hiking the Appalachian Trail.

06/17/2014 By Beau Denton


Hiking Through the Shenandoahs

Beau Denton hikes through the Shenandoahs and looks forward to hitting the halfway point on his Appalachian Trail hike.

05/28/2014 By Beau Denton


Dispatches from the Appalachian Trail: Daleville to Buena Vista

Beau Denton hikes from Daleville to Buena Vista.

05/21/2014 By Beau Denton


Finishing the First Half of the Appalachian Trail

Beau Denton completes the first half of his Applachian Trail hike and contemplates going off-trail for a few days.

05/14/2014 By Beau Denton


Hiking Through Virginia

Beau Denton begins his hike through the Virginia portion of the Appalachian Trail.

05/14/2014 By Beau Denton


Crossing into Tennessee

Beau Denton crosses into the Tennessee portion of the Appalachian Trail.

05/06/2014 By dispatches


Mail Drops

How and where to send care packages on the Appalachian Trail.

05/06/2014 By dispatches


Shelter Life

Beau Denton gives us a peek into what the shelters on the Appalachian Trail are really like.

05/06/2014 By dispatches