Sarasota Bradenton International Airport (SRQ) recorded 294,165 passengers in April 2021, breaking the all-time record of 277,590 passengers set in March 2021. Compared to April 2020, passenger traffic was 2,920% higher than the Covid-19 impacted level of 9,742 passengers and 61 percent higher than April 2019.

SRQ currently has 10 airlines providing service to 47 destinations. Upcoming service start dates are the following:

May 27: Peoria, IL (Allegiant)

May 28: Concord, NC (Allegiant)

June 6: Denver, CO (Southwest)

June 6: St. Louis, MO (Southwest)

June 12: Cincinnati, OH (Southwest)

June 12: Cleveland, OH (Southwest)

June 12: Dallas, TX (Southwest)

June 12: Grand Rapids, MI (Southwest)

June 12: Kansas City, MO (Southwest)

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