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Let's Go on Sunset Gondola Ride

Experience an authentic Italian gondola ride right here in Sarasota with Sarasota Gondola's tours.

By Allison Forsyth October 7, 2020

You can go on a traditional gondola ride right here in Sarasota.

You can go on a traditional gondola ride right here in Sarasota.

Dreaming of an Italian getaway without having to hop on a plane and travel across the world—something Covid-19 has effectively squashed? Try going for a traditional Italian gondola ride right here in Sarasota. With Sarasota Gondola, passengers can climb aboard an authentic, handcrafted gondola boat and set sail from Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar's dock. A seasoned gondolier will guide the way and serenade you with classic songs as you ride into the sunset. 


5353 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota


Ride dates and times are available daily upon reservation. Rides take place throughout the day, but the sunset ride is ideal. Take the one-hour scenic ride for $200, the two-hour premium package for $300 (which includes a bottle of Champagne), or the three-hour VIP package for $500. Or purchase a gift certificate so passengers can ride any time. (Boats can hold up to six passengers at a time.) 

What to Bring

Sarasota Gondola encourages passengers to bring their own bottles of wine, refreshments and light snacks. Depending on the package you select, a bottle of Champagne and dried fruit will be provided. Dress up for the occasion and bring a camera to capture the scene. 

What to Expect

Sarasota Gondola owner and gondolier Boris Tsatskin has been offering the romantic, one-of-a-kind gondola ride for 18 years. Upon arrival at the dock, passengers will learn about the boat, which is handcrafted in Sarasota and made out of fiberglass, wood and metal. The exterior is lined with white twinkle lights, and interior with comfortable seating. Once you get settled on board, the gondolier, dressed in traditional attire, will begin the ride, serenading you with classic songs and sharing facts about gondola origins. The VIP package route will take you as far as the grand canal on Siesta Key. 

In addition to tours, gondola rides can be rented for private events, such as weddings or birthday parties. 

Took book a reservation with Sarasota Gondola, click here or call (941) 954-1051. 

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