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Let's Spend a Day at the Beach With the Dog

Venice's Brohard Beach and Paw Park lets you bring your canine companion along for a day of surf and sun.

By Allison Forsyth September 23, 2020

Brohard Beach and Paw Park allows you to let your pup off his or her leash.

Sensing a sunny beach day in your future? Bring Fido along for a day of sun, surf and, of course, wagging tails. Brohard Beach and Paw Park in Venice is the only public beach open to dogs in Sarasota County, allowing a stretch of shore for you and your dog to catch some waves and meet other pups. The beach is also connected to a trail and fenced-in dog park, where your dog can play, rest in the shade and get a quick bath before heading home.


1600 S. Harbor Drive, Venice


The beach and paw park are open from 7 a.m. to dusk daily. A humans-only beach is just south of Brohard Paw Park and is open daily with the same hours. It may get too hot for your dog in mid-afternoon, so the ideal time to go is early morning or evening, during sunrise or sunset.

What to Bring

There are many things to bring to keep Fido happy and safe while at the beach. Have a leash on hand, in case you need to walk longer distances. Bring a dog water dish, towels and maybe an umbrella, creating an oasis safe from the sun's rays. Have some dog toys (ones that float in water) on hand so you can play fetch. If you want to give your dog a bath at the showering station, bring some dog shampoo along. And don't forget the treats.

What to Expect

When you first arrive at the paw park, you'll enter through the gate to the fenced-in area. The park is covered with shady trees and has picnic tables and water fountains for dogs and humans. Pass through another gate at the back and you'll reach the trail leading to the beach. Dogs must remain on a leash until they arrive at the sand, where they can take off running toward the water.

Even if you are not a dog owner, you can still enjoy playing with the pups at this beach. Make sure your dog is social and friendly before letting them off the leash, and keep an eye on him or her, since there are no barriers between the dog and human spaces. When you've had a full day of fun, go back to the paw park, where the shower station is located. Return home with a happy, freshly washed dog.

For more information, click here or call (941) 861-5000.  

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