Trump Approves New Tariff on Imported Solar Panels

The move is intended to help domestic solar manufacturing companies, but The Solar Energy Industries Association criticized the tariff.

By Staff January 24, 2018

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President Trump on Tuesday approved a new 30 percent tariff on solar panels manufactured outside the U.S. over the next four years. The move is intended to help solar manufacturing companies here compete with international manufacturers, whose panels are generally cheaper than those made in the U.S. "We’ll be making solar products now much more so in the United States," Trump said on Tuesday. "Our companies have been decimated, and those companies are going to be coming back strong." The Solar Energy Industries Association, however, criticized the tariff, arguing it will cause the loss of 23,000 American jobs this year alone. Some estimate that the price of a solar panel will increase by around 10 percent as a result of the tariff. "[The tariff] will create a crisis in a part of our economy that has been thriving, which will ultimately cost tens of thousands of hard-working, blue-collar Americans their jobs,” said Abigail Ross Hopper, the president and CEO of the solar association.

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