On a Mission

Suncoast Waterkeeper's New Patrol Boat Helps Keep Local Waters Healthy

The boat, previously used for dolphin sightseeing tours, gives the Waterkeeper a more direct way to observe the environment.

08/17/2023 By Emma Moneuse

Q & A

A New Nonprofit Wants to Rehabilitate Hundreds of Acres of Local Oyster Habitat

“Anything I can do in my power to improve the fisheries and water quality, I’m pushing hard to do it,” says Oyster River Ecology founder and executive director Damon Moore. “We’re not aiming small."

08/14/2023 By Matthew Gutierrez

Heroes in a Half Shell

Mote Releases Two Rehabilitated Sea Turtles

Lilly and Farmer recovered from red tide toxins at Mote's Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital.

05/16/2023 By Staff

Ride Tide Alert

Is Red Tide Back Already?

Which beaches will be affected this weekend?

03/31/2023 By Isaac Eger

Good News

Rejoice! There's No More Red Tide at Sarasota's Beaches

That means we finally get our first red-tide-free weekend since Dec. 28, 2022.

03/24/2023 By Isaac Eger

For the Love of the Sea Cow

Red Tide Is Affecting Manatees. What We Can Do to Help?

Red tide levels might have lessened for now, but the bloom is expected to persist. These gentle giants need our help.

03/21/2023 By Bethany Ritz

See Weed

A Massive Sargassum Bloom Is Headed For Florida's Beaches

The bloom is so big you can see it from space. What does it mean for Sarasota-Manatee?

03/15/2023 By Isaac Eger

swim advisory

In Addition to Red Tide, We've Got to Be Vigilant About Elevated Bacteria Levels in Our Waters Right Now

The Florida Department of Health found unsafe levels of bacteria in our Sarasota Bay this week.

03/10/2023 By Isaac Eger

Your Health Questions Answered

'Am I Dying Or Are Red Tide and Pollen Making Me Miserable?'

If your sinuses are already inflamed from all the pollen in the air, red tide aerosols coming off the water are going to find it even easier to get into your system and irritate you.

03/09/2023 By Isaac Eger

Red Tide Alert

Red Tide Is Back, and It's Not Going Away Anytime Soon

A red tide bloom is covering 100 square miles of the Gulf. How long will it stick around? And how did it get here?

02/28/2023 By Isaac Eger


Sick Birds Are Washing Up on Our Beaches

We asked Save Our Seabirds what's going on.

01/20/2023 By Isaac Eger

Red Alert

How Bad Is Red Tide at Our Beaches?

The latest red tide reports might affect your weekend beach plans. Here's where it's safe to swim.

01/06/2023 By Isaac Eger

Beach Update

High Levels of Red Tide Are Present at Many Sarasota Beaches. So Where Is It Safe to Go?

Dead fish, scratchy throats and unpleasant smells have been reported at Sarasota County beaches. Here's where it's safe to swim.

12/02/2022 By Isaac Eger

Breaking News

Red Tide Is Now Present at Every Beach in Sarasota

Elevated levels of the fish-killing bacteria that causes red tide have been found at all 16 area beaches.

11/10/2022 By Isaac Eger

Swim Advisory

Where Is It Safe to Swim in Sarasota Right Now?

Officials have detected fecal bacteria and red tide in our waterways. We spoke with an expert in Sarasota water quality to find out where it's safe to swim.

11/04/2022 By Isaac Eger

Red Tide

Sarasota Health Department Reports Elevated Levels of Red Tide at Area Beaches—Again

The beaches with elevated levels of red tide include Venice Beach, Service Club Park, Venice Fishing Pier, Brohard Beach, and Caspersen Beach, Manasota Key, and Blind Pass.

11/01/2022 By Megan McDonald

Here We Go Again

Red Tide Has Been Detected at Sarasota County Beaches

The beaches include Turtle Beach, Nokomis Beach, North Jetty, Venice Beach, Service Club Park, Venice Fishing Pier, Brohard Beach, and Caspersen Beach.

10/19/2022 By Megan McDonald

Ian's Aftermath

Has Hurricane Ian Created Another Red Tide Event?

The water Hurricane Ian dumped on to the state is making its way to sea, with ingredients for a possible harmful algal bloom.

10/13/2022 By Isaac Eger

The Storm

How Has Hurricane Ian Affected Sarasota's Water Quality?

Environmentalists say things will likely get worse before they get better.

09/30/2022 By Isaac Eger


Researchers Are Studying How Red Tide Affects Our Long-Term Health

Studies have found red tide can have a lasting effect on the brain and lungs.

07/21/2022 By Allison Forsyth