Q & A

A Conversation Between Pioneering Journalist Charlayne Hunter-Gault and Sarasota Magazine's Heather Dunhill

An intimate discussion that touches on race, friendship and Sarasota.

03/08/2024 By Charlayne Hunter-Gault

Civil Rights

The Vital History of Newtown's Freedom Schools

A 1969 student boycott helped save schools in the historic Black neighborhood.

02/23/2023 By Jessika Ward

listening to diverse voices

New College Alumna Sofia Ali-Khan on Racism and Reconciliation

Ali-Khan will speak at New College next week about the U.S. legacy of exploitation and racism across her experiences living in different U.S. cities and Canada.

11/03/2022 By Kim Doleatto

Healing Words

Husband of Charleston Shooting Victim Brings Message of Forgiveness to Sarasota

Rev. Anthony Thompson's wife Myra was one of the people killed in the racially motivated Mother Emanuel AME shooting in 2015.

10/10/2022 By Yasi Bahmanabadi

Race Talk

Two Professors to Speak About Racial Reconciliation

Richard Harris, a former Klansman, and Kenneth Stephens, whose brother was murdered by two white men, will speak about race, accountability and forgiveness at The Church of the Redeemer tomorrow evening.

05/24/2021 By Kim Doleatto

Black Lives Matter

A New Facebook Group for Black Businesses Takes Off

The group now has more than 10,500 members.

06/10/2020 By Jessika Ward