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Personalized Hormone Therapy for Midlife and Beyond

Sometimes mass-produced drugs aren’t just what the doctor ordered!

Presented by Sarasota Compounding Pharmacy June 8, 2022

Hormones arrive in a tsunami flood during puberty and begin a slow ebb tide in midlife. As the body’s production of various hormones slows, sputters or stops, there can be a host of unpleasant side effects: sleep disturbance, sexual dysfunction, weight gain and abdominal fat, loss of bone and muscle strength, low energy, hair loss and more.

“Hormones regulate everything in the body,” said Gerry Letendre of Sarasota Compounding Pharmacy, a registered Compounding pharmacist for more than 40 years. “These are natural chemicals produced by the body that guide all kinds of important functions. If one or more of your hormones is out of balance, you can experience a cluster of symptoms all at once.”

Each person’s body chemistry is unique, but most men and women will experience some of the same symptoms as hormone ratios shift throughout aging. To determine your body’s hormone levels, you can ask your provider for a blood test. For a quick check without a prescription, Sarasota Compounding Pharmacy has a simple take home saliva test that can give you a baseline level of some of the most important hormones, including Cortisol, Progesterone, Estrogen and Testosterone. This test can show whether you should visit your provider to confirm any abnormal results.

“If tests show an imbalance, bioidentical hormone therapy can be beneficial for most people,” Letendre said. “We’ve had many patients tell us it’s turned their lives around and that they feel like themselves again.”

Hormone therapy is an area where a compounding approach makes sense, Letendre explained. Unlike a mass-produced drug, a compounded medicine is customized for the unique requirements of the individual.

“When we work with your provider to create a compound for you, you get the exact dosage you need – not too much or too little,” he said. “We make the medication right here in our pharmacy, without any allergens like gluten or dyes. Also, we do not use any synthetic hormones in our medications.”

Some hormone replacement methods use synthetic or artificial hormones to mimic the natural chemicals of the body. Letendre said that the pharmacists at Sarasota Compounding Pharmacy only use bioidentical hormones in their custom medications. These have an identical molecular structure to natural hormones. Bioidentical hormones are derived from natural sources like plant extracts.

One of the best advantages of compounded medicines is they can be made in many alternative forms to a pill. Depending on the medicine, Sarasota Compounding Pharmacy may be able to provide the same dosage in a cream, gel, liquid, lozenge or other methods.

 “For example, when medicine gets absorbed through the skin, it completely bypasses the gastrointestinal system and the first-pass metabolism in the intestine and liver,” Letendre said.

Successful compounding is a result of strong relationships among the pharmacist, provider and patient, he explained. Patients can provide direct feedback about how the medicine and method is working to Letendre and his colleagues. The compounding pharmacists then can add, subtract or use a different base or other adjustment. Another benefit of personalized medication!

“If you don’t want to settle when it comes to your family’s prescriptions, you may benefit from a compounded medication,” he said.

Serving Sarasota for more than 40 years, the pharmacy is located at 2075 Siesta Drive. Sarasota Compounding Pharmacy is the only one in the area that exclusively specializes in compounding. The pharmacy provides free shipping within Florida for patients. If needed, the pharmacists can provide a referral list of providers they work with regularly. They also offer free consultations with providers to develop the right compound for patients.

“The best part of our day is when we help people find the solution they’ve been looking for,” Letendre said. “It can be frustrating in today’s one-size-fits-all marketplace, but we specialize in knowing the individual and customizing your treatment. We love making Sarasota a healthier place to live.”

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