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How to Start a Fitness Program the Right Way

The experts at Studio South Fitness share their tips for getting started with a fitness program.

Presented by By Studio South Fitness March 14, 2016

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Many non-trainers believe that creating an effective workout isn’t really complicated. This assumption can lead to injury, lack of progress and wasted time. With so much information (and misinformation) on the Internet, having a personal trainer can help you avoid these common pitfalls.

A properly educated personal trainer understands what really works. He or she knows that building a training program is individual to each client, and should take into account such factors as imbalances, quality of the movement, and what corrective exercises should be used to achieve the client’s goals. 

When starting a new fitness program, many of us can be a little gung-ho.  Overdoing it in the beginning can backfire in a big way, by either causing such fatigue and discomfort that you give up, or by causing injuries that can force a complete lay-off from exercise. Remember, more reps do not translate into faster results.

Whether you want bigger pecs or a tighter tush, focusing too much on one area may skew your overall results. The golden rule of strength training is “Do an equal amount of work on each side of a joint.” This is especially important for beginners. Your trainer knows that you’ll make faster progress by working each area evenly.

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There are certain components that should be part of every workout. A personal trainer will suggest that your workout include a warm-up, foam rolling and stretching to increase blood flow and loosen tight muscle groups. Top trainers will recommend corrective exercises that specifically target muscle imbalances and functional movement as a part of your regular training routine.

Even though your workout may seem to focus on legs one day and back the next, you could be accidentally overworking certain areas because you don’t realize that some exercises impact more than one muscle group. Your personal trainer will know and understand what exercises should be included in your total body program so that overtraining certain muscles doesn’t occur.

The fitness world is ever-changing, and it seems there is always some new trend in the limelight, but in the realm of exercise, slow and steady truly wins the race. If you hop from one program to another, you will never learn what does and does not work for you. Trust that your trainer has selected an appropriate workout program for you and see it through for as long as they recommend.

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At the end of the day, whether you are an athlete or a beginner, a personal trainer can help you avoid mistakes that can hamper your progress or knock you out of the game with an unexpected injury.  These professionals make it their business to help you reach your optimal self in a way that is safe and effective.

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