Sarasota Magazine Wins 20 Florida Magazine Association Awards

For the fourth year in a row, the magazine received the highest number of awards for design, writing and more.

By Staff August 8, 2022

The Florida Magazine Association held its annual Charlie Awards ceremony in Ponte Vedra Beach last week, recognizing dozens of top Sunshine State publications for excellence in writing, design, photography, marketing and more. Sarasota Magazine took home 20 awards, including nine first-place Charlie Awards—the fourth straight year in which the publication earned the most overall awards.

"What I find most impressive about our showing is the breadth of categories in which the magazine was recognized," says editor in chief Cooper Levey-Baker. "We were honored for our design and writing, as well as our digital presence and our advertorial and advertising design work. Congratulations to all of our employees and freelancers for all their hard work, and congratulations to all of the many other impressive Florida publications honored by the association."

Here's a list of all of our award-winning work from 2021*:

Charlie Awards

Best Writing, In-Depth Reporting: "The Invaders," Isaac Eger

Best Writing, Service Feature: "Nice Slice, Baby!," Cooper Levey-Baker

Best Photo Illustration (All Consumer): "You Can't Keep a Good City Down," Gigi Ortwein

Best Photography, Cover: "Ultimate Guide to Boating," Everett Dennison

Best Photography, Single Department Image: "On Guard," Chad Spencer

Best Design, Cover: "You Can't Keep a Good City Down," Gigi Ortwein

Best Design, Feature: "Nice Slice, Baby!," Gigi Ortwein

Best Overall, Writing: Sarasota Magazine, Staff

Best Overall, Design: Sarasota Magazine, Gigi Ortwein, Lauren Pritchard

Silver Awards

Best Design, Use of Photography: "Will the Carlton Reserve Ever Be the Same?," "Museum Road Trips," "The Life Aquatic," Gigi Ortwein, Lauren Pritchard

Best Design, Department: "Essential Intelligence," Gigi Ortwein, Lauren Pritchard

Best Advertisement, For a Client: "We Stand for the Arts," Lauren Pritchard

Best Special Theme or Show Issue: For the Love of Our Arts, Kay Kipling, Lauren Pritchard

Bronze Awards

Best Column (All Consumer): "From the Editor," Susan Burns

Best Writing, Feature Headlines: "The Moore Method," "You Must Remember Hiss," "Consider the Shrimp," Susan Burns

Best Traditional Illustration (All Consumer): "20 Years Later," Gigi Ortwein, Antoine Doré

Best Design, Typography: "Tourist Time Warp," Lauren Pritchard

Best Design, Feature: "Museum Road Trips," Lauren Pritchard

Best Digital, Social Media: Sarasota Magazine, Megan McDonald

Best Advertorial, Story or Section: Arts and Culture Guide, Lauren Pritchard, Kay Kipling

*Unless otherwise indicated, the prize was awarded for our circulation category.

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