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AAA: Gas Prices Are Down 6 Cents From Last Week

Pump prices remain 93 cents per gallon more than the 2022 low and 1.93 per gallon more than the lowest price in 2021.

By Staff March 28, 2022

According to new data from AAA, Florida gas prices have been on a downward trend the past two weeks. In fact, some drivers in the state have found prices below $4 a gallon. However, that downward trend may level out, after the price of oil rebounded last week. 

On Sunday, Florida's average price for gasoline was $4.12 per gallon—6 cents per gallon less than a week ago, and 26 cents less than the record high of $4.38 set a little more than two weeks ago. Despite the recent dip, pump prices remain 93 cents per gallon more than the 2022 low and 1.93 per gallon more than the lowest price in 2021, AAA reports.

On Friday, the U.S. price of oil settled at $113.90 per barrel. That's $9.20 per barrel (9 percent) more than the week before. Despite the increase, oil remains almost $10 per barrel less than the 2022 high of $123.70 per barrel reached nearly three weeks ago and translates to a 25 cent drop at the pump.

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