Gas Prices

Florida Gas Prices Have Fallen 62 Cents Over the Last Five Weeks

It still costs about $64 to fill up, on average—but that's $9 less than what drivers paid in mid-June.

07/18/2022 By Staff

Oil and Gas

AAA: Gas Prices Are Down 6 Cents From Last Week

Pump prices remain 93 cents per gallon more than the 2022 low and 1.93 per gallon more than the lowest price in 2021.

03/28/2022 By Staff

Oil and Gas

U.S. Gas Prices Climb to Record-High Price of $4.17 Per Gallon

The U.S. price of oil surged 26 percent last week.

03/08/2022 By Staff


AAA: Russia-Ukraine War Is Causing Gas Prices to Surge

Prices in Florida are $3.57 a gallon. According to a survey, that's within the price range that 54 percent of drivers would change their driving behaviors.

03/03/2022 By Staff


AAA: Gas Prices Stabilize After Hitting 2021 High

Florida's average gas price is now $3.31 per gallon.

10/25/2021 By Staff

Oil and Gas

Florida Gas Prices Slip from Multi-Year Highs

The state average is now $3.07 per gallon.

09/27/2021 By Staff


Florida Gas Prices Jumped 10 Cents Last Week

The cost to fill an average-sized 15-gallon tank of gas is now $46.50.

09/20/2021 By Staff


Florida Gas Prices Jumped 8 Cents after Hurricane Ida

Prices at the pump are now averaging $3.02 per gallon in Florida.

09/07/2021 By Staff


AAA: Hurricane Ida to Cause Gas Price Hikes

The extent of the increase will depend on the damage to the Gulf Coast supply chain.

08/30/2021 By Staff


Gas Prices Are Rising

For the first time since 2014, Florida gas prices are above $3 per gallon (and it's not due to Hurricane Elsa).

07/06/2021 By Staff