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How to Sound Like a Local: A Sarasota Pronunciation Guide

Don't you dare say "Van Weasel."

By Susan Burns November 29, 2021 Published in the December 2021 issue of Sarasota Magazine

Image: Staff

Once you learn how to pronounce the names of these eight well-known local places, you can teach longtime residents how to do it, too.

Bahia Vista 

Spanish for bay view, this street south of downtown Sarasota is pronounced BAY-a-vis-ta.

Tamiami Trail 

Officially opened in 1928, this highway, also known as U.S. 41, connected Tampa and Miami. Say TAM-ee-AM-ee.

Honore Avenue 

Back in the early 1900s, smart Chicago socialite Bertha Honore Palmer once owned a quarter of what is now Sarasota County. A north-south road is named in her honor—and is pronounced AHH-nor-ay.

Asolo Repertory Theatre 

It’s pronounced like the city Oslo (two syllables only) in Norway.

Robarts Arena 

Even we got this one wrong in a previous version of this story. This longtime home of the Sarasota County Fair is named after funeral director W.T. Robarts—pronounced Rob-erts, like Julia Roberts. No more ROW-barts, everyone!

Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall 

Don’t you dare say “weasel.” Our iconic art hall on the bay, which opened in 1969, was named after philanthropists Lewis and Eugenia Van Wezel, pronounced WAY-zel.

Phillippi Creek 

It’s a body of water and a popular restaurant. Be a local and accent the first syllable like this: FILL-i-pee.


It’s not Bradington, everyone. ’Nuff said.

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