Barancik Foundation Board Approves $2.4 Million in Grants

The funding will be used to create workforce pipelines, support health equity efforts and promote diversity, equity and access through the arts.

By Staff November 15, 2021

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The Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation board recently approved $2.4 million in grants. The funding will be used to create workforce pipelines, support health equity efforts, and boost work to promote diversity, equity and access through the arts.

$450,000 was granted to State College of Florida Foundation for the development of an evening and weekend nursing degree program. 

$240,000 was granted to allow the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office to purchase two driving simulators and improve driving training for first responders. 

$200,000 was granted to CenterPlace Health for outfitting mobile vans and supporting associated personnel to deliver healthcare services across the county.  Funds will be used to hire a community healthcare worker, patient service representative, and a registered nurse.

$200,000 was granted to the Sarasota African-American Cultural Coalition for capacity building and support for efforts to build an African-American art center in Newtown.

$200,000 was granted to the Van Wezel Foundation to support the Foundation for the Future program.  This grant will be used to establish a fully functional education department within the Van Wezel Foundation. 

$175,000 was granted to the Child Protection Center for the Creating the Capacity for Hope program.  There are currently 71 child abuse victims on the waiting list for therapy due to a shortage of professionals to treat these children.  Funds will be used to hire/retain staff and expand the organization’s operations in order to reduce the waiting list.

$150,000 was granted to the Florida Policy Institute in unrestricted funding to allow the organization to advance their mission and work.

$130,000 was granted to the Florida Department of Corrections for the Mobile Supervision Unit project. Funds will be used to create a fully mobile probation unit that will travel throughout the 12th Judicial Circuit, making it easier for those reporting for probation.

$125,000 was granted to Second Heart Homes for its Homeless Women project.  Funding will help support a housing-first model and provide social services for women, while also allowing the organization to expand its operations.

$120,000 was granted to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Sarasota and Manatee Counties to support the organization as it takes ownership of physical drop-in mental health centers. 

A two-year, $101,612 grant was given to Glasser-Schoenbaum Human Services Center for the organization to hire a campus animator to help increase relationships and collaboration between the organization’s 17 human service tenants.

$100,000 was granted to Ringling College of Art + Design to support the Sarasota Art Museum’s “free day” program. The program allows all members of the community, regardless of means, admission to enjoy art in the museum.

$100,000 was granted to Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe for the expansion of its education programs. The grant will double the funding for the organization’s educational programs and cover guest artists’ fees for its after-school programming.

$40,000 was granted to Truly Valued for programming support and capacity building.

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