'Bed Tax' Collections Were Up Dramatically in May

The Sarasota County tax collector's office took in nearly $2.8 million in Tourist Development Tax money in May, well above normal.

By Staff July 9, 2021

Revenue collected through Sarasota County's Tourist Development Tax remained high in May after a strong April. The tax (also known as a “bed tax”) is a 5 percent charge on revenue from rentals that last six months or less. In May, the Sarasota County tax collector's office took in nearly $2.8 million through the tax, more than three times the amount collected in May 2020, when the number of tourists coming to the area dropped dramatically because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Setting aside last year's figure, this year's number still remains well above normal; the May 2021 number is 74.3 percent higher than collections recorded in May 2019.

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