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Robert Gussin on Building Bridges: ‘Tolerance Is Golden’

2019 Unity Award winners Robert Gussin, and his wife, Patricia, are retired top administrators from Johnson & Johnson, who have provided scholarships for youth. They are also the founders of Oceanview Publishing.

March 1, 2021

Bob and Pat Gussin with Almuta Hawks

Bob and Pat Gussin with Almuta Hawks


What are you doing now?

“Our Unity Award achievements have primarily been in regard to bringing the Arcadia Boys and Girls Club into full membership in the Boys and Girls Club family. The Club now serves a few hundred kids who had nowhere to go before we opened it. They not only have recreation opportunities but the young woman who manages the club has been a great teacher and tutor, and the reading scores of the attendees have jumped multiple grade levels. The results and impact of this club have been astounding. And the kids love it. This has been an accomplishment that has made us very proud. It is rare to see such positive results so quickly. The management of the BGCs of Sarasota (and now DeSoto) counties deserves many thanks.

”We’re also still publishing at least one mystery/thriller fiction book each month.”

Why books are so important right now?

“They are a tremendous resource when your social activities are limited.”

Key traits for bridge builders:

"Selfless, energetic, charitable, kind.”

Hope and wisdom during these days?

“We definitely can overcome the divide by taking the time and effort to understand all viewpoints and trying your best to accept those that differ from yours. Tolerance is golden.”

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