Forty Carrots Receives Grant to Help Fund Program for Incarcerated Parents

The grant will provide funding for Forty Carrots' parenting programs at Sarasota County jail.

By Staff January 27, 2021

Image: Shutterstock

The Community Foundation of Sarasota County has approved a $19,039 Equity and Access grant to Forty Carrots Family Center to support its parenting education programs at the Sarasota County jail. With funding provided by the George J. & Alice Pugh Donor Advised Fund, the grant builds on Forty Carrots’ commitment to provide parenting education and support to all parents.

Forty Carrots parenting educators are using Circle of Security Parenting, an international, evidence-based parenting program, within the Sarasota County jail facility. The program aims to teach parents how to understand and support their child’s emotions, enhance the development of the child’s self-esteem, and honor the child’s desire to be secure. Studies show that the children of incarcerated parents face a multitude of life challenges, everything from antisocial behavior, poor grades, psychological problems, homelessness and their own experience within the criminal justice system.



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