Royal Tees gifted the Sarasota-Manatee Originals 300 T-shirts.

Next time you order curbside takeout service from a Sarasota-Manatee Originals restaurant group member, don’t be surprised to see your server wearing a T-shirt with “I Support Local” emblazoned boldly on the front.

The T-shirts, 300 of them, are a gift to the Originals from Glen Reith, owner of Royal-Tees, a longtime custom T-shirts and embroidery business in Sarasota. It’s Reith’s way of supporting a local industry that “has been hit so extremely hard,” says Reith’s friend and Palm Printing partner Renee Phinney.

“These are businesses that support our businesses,” she says, “ordering shirts, hats and aprons from Royal-Tees, and menus and other print collateral materials from Palm Printing.”

The T-shirts already already have gotten a lot of positive feedback on Facebook.

“When we all get back to work and we will all be supporting each other again,” says Phinney, “we will look back on these times and realize we all got through this together.”

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