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New College Foundation Appoints Four New Board Members

They include Sarasota Magazine editor-in-chief Susan Burns.

By Staff February 18, 2020

Susan Burns

Image: Lori Sax

The New College Foundation’s board of directors has appointed four new members to its board of directors: Janene Amick, Beverly Bartner, Susan Burns ’76, and Renee Hamad. Amick is the CEO of the Manatee Performing Arts Center, Bartner is a Broadway producer and former teacher, Burns is the editor-in-chief of Sarasota Magazine and a New College alum, and Hamad is a philanthropist who serves on the boards of multiple organizations. The New College Foundation is the philanthropic organization supporting New College of Florida. In addition to these four women, its board includes Sue Jacobson, chair; Christine Jennings, first vice chair; Charles Hamilton ’64, second vice chair; George Augustin, treasurer; Sharon Ramey ’65, secretary; and John W. Bean, Francine Blum, Raymonda Burgman ‘91, Alison Gardner, Karin Gustafson,’64, Glenn P. Hendrix ’76, Steve Jacobson ’71, Charlene Lenger ’78, George Quarterman, Charles F. Raeburn ’64, John F. “Jack” Schlegel, Felice Schulaner ’78, Henry Smyth ’76, Robert Turffs ’74, Monica Van Buskirk and Nancy Winship. Richard O. Donegan and Elaine Keating are trustee emeriti.

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