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Roundabout Construction is Everywhere. Here’s an Update on Where and Why

In the city of Sarasota, three roundabouts under construction are all slated for completion in Fall 2020.

By Shelby Schwartz December 31, 2019 Published in the January 2020 issue of Sarasota Magazine

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City of Sarasota

There are eight completed roundabouts in the city and three under construction, which are slated for completion in Fall 2020.

Under Construction                  

U.S. 41 at 10th Street 2. U.S. 41 at 14th Street 3. U.S. 41 at Fruitville Road


U.S. 41 at Gulfstream Avenue. Construction will begin after the U.S. 41/Fruitville Road roundabout is completed. The Gulfstream project is estimated to take two years to complete.

Ringling Boulevard and Pine Place. No timetable for this project has been set.

Under Discussion

U.S. 41 and Myrtle Avenue, U.S. 41 and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way

Unincorporated Sarasota has 16 completed round-abouts with three more under construction.


No. of roundabouts in the U.S., according to the Federal Highway Administration (FHA)

No. 1

Florida’s rank in the U.S. for number of roundabouts


Percentage of U.S. traffic fatalities that take place in traditional intersections. (FHA)


Percentage at which roundabouts reduce serious accidents when compared to conventional intersections. (FHA)

15-25 MPH

Speeds vehicles generally are reduced to  when traveling through roundabouts. (FHA)

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