PGT Innovations' new iLab

PGT Innovations (NYSE: PGTI), the Venice-based window and door manufacturer, recently revealed its 24,500-square-foot iLab, an innovative extension of the business that serves as a product incubator and micro-factory. The iLab team will provide solutions to customers with projects that require new and inventive features, custom needs, or one-of-a-kind products. Led by PGT Innovations' vice-president of engineering, Dean Ruark, departments within the iLab span the gamut, from design engineering and code compliance to testing and the production factory. iLab operations include creating prototypes, developing initial product builds and, if needed, assisting in setting up mass-production plans for products. To date, the iLab has introduced a bi-fold door, a lift-and-slide door, and a pivot door to the marketplace. The product designs and enhancements seen in these three doors incorporate the features most requested by homeowners; after their launch, the products were added to the product portfolio of WinDoor, PGT Innovations’ luxury brand.

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