Goodwill Manasota team members, from left to right, Brady O’Neil, Sara Gingery, Adrian Gessen, Bill Thielen, and Donn Githens

Image: Staff

Goodwill Manasota earned international recognition during the recent Goodwill Industries International summer conference in Spokane, Wash. During the annual conference, Goodwill Industries International recognizes Goodwill agencies that have maximized revenues, capitalized on the highest proportion of the available used goods market, and been efficient in running their operations. The organization won the “Retail Excellence: Market Leadership by Share of Used Goods” award for sixth consecutive year for having the highest market penetration of its donor market; the “Retail Excellence: Market Leadership by Donations” award for the fifth year in a row for capitalizing on the highest proportion of its available used goods market; and the "GILPS Organizational Safety" award, its first, recognizing the organization’s commitment to positively influence safety policies and practices. The organization is evaluated in the medium-sized agency category, which includes Goodwill agencies with revenues between $26.9 and $57.3 million.