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Southeastern Guide Dogs Is Looking for Puppy Raisers

Puppy raisers teach basic house manners and obedience while exposing future guide dogs to a variety of environments from the age of about 10 weeks through a year.

By Staff May 30, 2019

A little girl with guide dog Spirit.

Southeastern Guide Dog is searching for puppy raisers—people with loving homes who are willing to foster a puppy who will later become a guide dog or service dog. Puppy raisers teach basic house manners and obedience while exposing the dogs to a variety of environments from the age of about 10 weeks until they return to Southeastern Guide Dogs' Canine University on its Palmetto campus a year or so later. Puppy raisers also learn new skills and make new friends in their local puppy raising group, currently available in seven states. Groups meet twice a month to practice skills and get support. 

"Puppy raisers can be single people, families, working professionals, retirees, college students and more," says Leslie Shepard, director of puppy raising services. "Dogs have the same access rights as service dogs and can go with their raisers to most places. Raising a puppy is also a great way to teach children to give back and to help teens earn their community service hours."

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