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Manatee County Extension Office Will Offer Series of Farming Workshops

The classes will focus on how to start a cottage food or small farm operation.

By Staff April 16, 2019

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The University of Florida Manatee County Extension Office and Lisa Hickey, sustainable food systems extension agent, will offer a series of new farming workshops and classes on how to start a cottage food or small farm operation. All classes or workshops are held on Thursdays at the Manatee County Extension Office from 6:00pm–7:30pm. 

The programming includes: 

May 16: “Beekeeping as a Cottage Business"

May 23: “Entrepreneurs: Cottage Food or Small Farm Operations, Which One Appeals to You?”  

May 30: “Lucrative Hydroponics” 

June 20: “Profitable Organic Vegetable Gardening Business” 

July 11: “Fruitful (and Egg-full) Chickens: Raise them for Profit” 

July 18: “Get Busy: Start Planning Your Small Farm Operation Business Plan!” 

August 1: “Food Safety Considerations for the Beginning Farmer

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