From left to right: Impact 100 SRQ founding members Cheryl Ballinger, Amy Tupper, Raison Stern, Sannie Brander, Michelle Fisher, Jacquline Steele, Jane Watt, Toni Schemmel, Brigitte Suttmiller and Tami Byler

A group of women from Sarasota and Manatee counties recently launched a local chapter of Impact 100, an international philanthropic network with 52 other chapters. The goal of Impact 100 SRQ, a 501(c)(3), is to award a high-impact $100,000 grant to one charity in the region each year, beginning in 2019. The organization is open to all women who are willing to donate $1,000. When the chapter's membership reaches 100, the organization will invite local charities to submit grant applications. The organization is holding a series of introductory events about the nonprofit. Find a calendar of events online.

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