Window, Door Manufacturer Signs Seven-Year Agreement with Glass Manufacturer

The door and window manufacturer PGT Innovations, Inc. recently sold $28 million in assets to one of its suppliers.

By staff September 29, 2017

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The door and window manufacturer PGT Innovations, Inc. recently sold $28 million in assets the company has used to process components for doors to Cardinal Glass Industries. PGT also signed a seven-year agreement with Cardinal for Cardinal to supply components to PGT. PGT will retain its window glass processing equipment and all production facilities, including the glass plant where the equipment sold to Cardinal has been located, which will allow PGT to expand its window and door assembly operations. Approximately 160 PGT employees will be moved into its window and door assembly operations. Cardinal has been a supplier for PGT for many years and is a manufacturer of residential glass for windows and doors.

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