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What Inspires William "Trey" Lauderdale IV

Here's what keeps the founder and president of Voalté motivated.

By Isaac Eger September 8, 2016 Published in the September 2016 issue of Sarasota Magazine

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My year-old son

My purpose for being. With so much complexity in my world, he shows a simple kind of happiness that I never could have expected.

My wife, Allison Lauderdale

Before meeting her I was a bachelor mess. With her, I feel more productive. She helps me with communication and empathy.

The customers 

We are helping to bring smartphones into hospitals. How the technicians, IT staff and admissions use this technology to help people is incredibly inspirational. To see a concept go from an idea to watching the rubber hit the road moves me.

Semisonic’s “Closing Time”

Before a big meeting I like to listen to this song. I know that it represents a guy getting ready for his first child, but for me it’s my hype song.

The Gators 

My Gator 100 Award trophy, given to the top 100 companies founded by Florida Gator alums. It reminds me of my roots at the University of Florida.


Tom Johnson, my mentor and a Voalté investor and board of directors member, taught me this motto: “You learn, earn and return.” It’s important for me to live up to that credo and give back to the community, specifically UF and the Center for Entrepreneurship. 

Wedding Ring 

My wedding ring is actually my grandfather’s. He passed five years ago. He was married to my grandma for more than 50 years. It’s a reminder of my namesake and the important value of commitment.

2001 Ford F150 

It was the first truck I ever had. It’s got over 225,000 miles on it. Unfortunately, it can’t fit a car seat for my son, so it’s on vacation for a few years. The truck represents who I am. There’s nothing flashy or fancy about it. As soon as my kids are old enough to ride in it, I’m going back to it.

Soquel Vineyards 

My wife’s uncle’s vineyard in Santa Cruz, California. It’s nestled up in the Santa Cruz mountains. It’s the most beautiful place on the planet and the best pinot noir you’ll ever taste. It blows away Napa.

The Swamp

Watching the Gators win football games at The Swamp [Ben Hill Griffin Stadium].

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