Canadian Company Performs Health, Safety Audit at Port Manatee

A committee of executives from the Montreal-based stevedore and terminal operator Logistec Corp. met Tuesday at Port Manatee.

Research by staff April 5, 2016

Madeleine paquin  carlos buqueras  betsy benac  left to right  d1evt4

From left: Madeleine Paquin, president and chief executive officer of Logistec Corp.; Carlos Buqueras, executive director of Port Manatee; and Betsy Benac, chairwoman of the Manatee County Port Authority

A committee of executives from the Montreal-based stevedore and terminal operator Logistec Corp. met Tuesday at Port Manatee. The full-day agenda included a health and safety audit, on-site presentations and a facility visit, as well as a formal meeting of Logistec’s Health, Safety and Environment Committee. Under a companywide initiative begun in 2015, the committee is performing audits and furnishing recommendations at each port at which Logistec conducts business. At Port Manatee, Logistec operations on behalf of shippers include handling of containerized and palletized fresh produce and other cargos with mobile harbor cranes and additional specialty equipment.

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