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Sarasota CEOs Share the Best Business Advice They Ever Received

Three Sarasota CEOs share the best business advice they ever got.

By Chelsey Lucas January 11, 2016 Published in the January 2016 issue of Sarasota Magazine

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Celeste Gruenstein, CEO, Décor Direct

“Years ago, a retired successful entrepreneur shared some powerful advice: ‘Do things now that can't be done later.’ He always thought he'd build his business and then enjoy what he'd built, but age robbed him of capacity. In the ’90s, I embarked on a multiyear mini-retirement to globetrot, museum hop, write and study topics like the Internet and sustainability. That inspired the 1998 relaunch of my company, Décor Direct, with a focus on functional art and sustainability. More recently, I took time out to care for my mother. Now that she's passed, I feel that being her caregiver has imbued me with a sense of compassion and peace, powerful antidotes to stress.”

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John Giglio, President and CEO, Freedom Boat Club

“As far back as I can recall, I’ve heard how important it is to hire the right people. I have made it a priority to invest the time to find the best person for a particular job. The second priority involves empowering people to do the jobs they were hired to perform. I set goals and then trust my team to get the job done. My job requires extensive travel, but because I have an experienced leadership team, I can be away from the business without concerns.”

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Kristen Horler, CEO and founder of Inspiring Wellness, LLC

“My husband and business partner, Mark Horler, taught me to always keep learning. I discovered, where I could listen to a book while I drove to work, which helps me arrive at the office inspired. I completed a book every month. The first book was Good to Great. I learned so much about myself as a leader. Subsequent books have helped me see that my intuition is very strong.”

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