Innovator: Dylan Feltus

Graphics and web designer Dylan Feltus shares his knowledge on his field.

By Chelsey Lucas April 1, 2014

By Beau Denton

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When Dylan Feltus started working as a freelance graphic designer and web designer, he was surprised by how much of his time was spent on administrative work, like proposals, contracts and billing. So Feltus, 21, designed Motiv, a cloud-based app that streamlines the contracts and proposals process.

Freelancers can custom design templates in Motiv and then insert project-specific information; for contracts, once you enter the client’s name, project title and fee, Motiv will update that information throughout the document. On average, it reduces the time it takes to draft a proposal from two hours to 30 minutes.

Feltus started developing Motiv as a side project in February 2013 and launched the site last October. He was introduced to Dan Miller, a serial entrepreneur and former chief revenue officer at MobileBits, who has partnered with Feltus as an adviser. After a couple months of identifying and fixing bugs, Feltus started working full-time on Motiv in December. More than 150 people have signed up for the service, with plans ranging from $5 to $20 per month. Feltus has added the ability for freelancers to receive electronic signatures from clients, and he’s working on new features including client portals, custom branding, time and expense tracking, even tax filing assistance.

“The end goal,” says Feltus, “is to offer a total package that helps freelancers get to the creative work, the work they want to do, more quickly.”

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