Jeff Hazelton

Tech entrepreneur

By staff June 24, 2013

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After a brush with medical school, Jeff Hazelton decided to pursue his love of art instead. Now, with his Lucid Global, he’s combined those interests with his passion for tech. The 42-year-old “artrepreneur”—a term he credits to Larry Thompson, president of Ringling College, where Hazelton teaches motion science—is developing medical apps that enable doctors to do things like show you on an iPad, in vivid, realistic detail, exactly what’s happening inside your digestive system. His fast-growing company has become one of the top employers of Ringling College grads; 13 now work in his offices, which occupy the entire second floor of downtown’s HuB business incubator. We asked Hazelton to name his five biggest inspirations.

1. Creating something new. “We’re painting with technology. You look out there and see what’s been done before, then you take different parts and make something new.”

2. Learning from others. “I draw inspiration from other people doing great things. I go to all the trade shows and conferences.”

3. Helping people. “One of my lifelong inspirations has been to help people. That’s one of the main focuses here.”

4. Leading his team. “I’m inspired by my team. They’re highly creative artists. They have lots of freedom, and that’s essential.”

6. Going outside. “I look out the window or go to the beach to unplug, disengage, reboot. We are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place.”


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