My Worst Mistake: Nick Gladding

Photography by Lori Sax January 1, 2013

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Nick Gladding; Dunlap & Moran, P.A. - “You shouldn’t always change jobs for a minimal increase in salary.”

Nick Gladding

Dunlap & Moran, P.A.

“About 30 years ago, my boss told me I was being considered for what amounted to a lateral move with a 5 percent increase in salary. The president of the company said it wouldn’t hurt me if I didn’t take the move, but I decided to take it, anyway, not just for the money, but because I thought it would be a challenge. If I had decided not to jump at it, I probably would have ended up as general counsel of the corporation, because my boss was promoted and ultimately became the CEO. I learned from that, oftentimes, not only is the grass not greener, but by sticking it out, you might end up in a much bigger position.”

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