Only In Sarasota: Siesta Royale

Illustrations by John Pirman December 1, 2012

Siesta Royale, Siesta Key

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="488"]Siesta Royale, Siesta Key Siesta Royale, Siesta Key[/caption]

Built in 1960, the Siesta Royale was one of the first condominiums on Siesta Key. Most of the original buildings have given way to imposing condo towers, but from the clean geometry of its mid-century zigzag roofline to the lawn chairs in orderly groups of two, the Siesta Royale still defines the timeless ideal of a simple vacation by the sea. While it may not be as grand as its big new neighbors, to illustrator John Pirman, "It's as glamorous now as it was in the past."

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