Sarasota Orchestra Hosts The Planets

By staff November 21, 2012

Sarasota Orchestra and Mozart's Jupiter Symphony, led by acclaimed conductor Thomas Wilkins in a Masterworks concert.

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Friday, Nov 30, 8:00pm

Neel Performing Arts Center

Saturday, Dec 1, 8:00pm

Sunday, Dec 2, 2:30pm

Van Wezel

Tickets from $30

Conductor: Thomas Wilkins

The Sarasota Orchestra's "out-of-this-world" musical odyssey begins with Mozart's 41st and final symphony. Aptly titled Jupiter Symphony, it's a commanding and expressive testament to Mozart's legacy of genius.

Jupiter Symphony is a stirring journey through the solar system, accompanied by all-new video containing up-to-the-minute images from NASA and led by renowned conductor Thomas Wilkins, whose storied career has spanned three decades.

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