Biz Makeover: Jason Lancaster

Photography by Alex Stafford By Jackie Rogers November 30, 2012

Jason Lancaster, senior estimator at Southern Cross Contracting, spends a typical workday in jeans and a golf shirt. For Jason, comfort is key. Here we construct a business look that, while still comfortable, reflects a more authoritative, stylish image.

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Jason Lancaster - BEFORE: Flip-flop casual. AFTER: “Show me the money!”

Jason’s GOAL: “I want to look more professional. My biggest challenge is making the right clothing choices.”

Jackie's GOAL: “While there is no formal dress code at Jason’s office, every man should have at least one business outfit in his closet since you never know when you will be asked to represent the company. I created a polished, professional look with some color. Knowing what colors suit you can make a huge difference in your overall look. For Jason I chose a fall color palette of browns, red and camel to balance out his look and allow him to stand out. I chose pleated trousers and went with a deep brown windowpane pattern, and then selected a rich, maroon-colored buttoned-down shirt with a smaller checked pattern. Remember when mixing patterns to keep one pattern larger than the other or they compete for attention. The deep, rich color of the shirt enhances Jason’s skin tone, eyes and hair color, and the addition of the camel sport coat balances the overall look. I chose brown leather shoes and a belt with red undertones to tie the pants, shirt and jacket together.”

Jason’s TAKE: “I thought I looked awesome in this new look. I did not know that seeing how different colors work together with your attributes—skin, hair, eyes—was a factor until now. My first thought was I need to learn how to think outside of my clothing box. I learned a lot about clothing in a short time.”

Where to buy Roundtree & Yorke pleated trouser, $79.50, Roundtree & Yorke Gold Label shirt, $79.50, Turnbury 100 percent camel hair blazer, $395, Roundtree & Yorke leather belt, $45, and Ecco shoes, $129.99 all from Dillard’s men’s department.

Story and Styling by Jackie Rogers

Photography by Alex Stafford

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